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This is the main forum section. It serves as a container for categories for your topics.

Welcome Mat 158 topics

We encourage new members to introduce themselves here. Get to know one another and share your interests. Do not ask for free burst here, there is a category for that.
Brahmi | Fast Delivery
by waitdiscrockwell
8 hours 39 minutes ago

Suggestion Box 72 topics

Have some feedback and input to share?
Don't be shy and drop us a note. We want to hear from you and strive to make our site better and more user friendly for our guests and members a like.

Complaints 51 topics

Please! Tell me how much you hate this site that's just like all the others. Oh and I would love to hear about how that troll hurt your feelings unfairly. I will make sure he does it fairly next time.


If you want to know the best places to mine or you need to show off your new 80tb HDD that doesnt exist, or want to explain to everyone how you have done everything right and everyone else has just gotten lucky to get it to work, have fun doing it here.
Anything to do with pools can be discussed here. Love 'em, Hate 'em or not sure?

Braggadocio! 78 topics

C'mon! Don't be shy. Tell us how smart, fancy, good looking you are. Pictures or video or it's lie
Furosemide | Cost Troche
by waitdiscrockwell
20 hours 2 minutes ago
Come here for HELP! Be patient. Be grateful. Upload Pics so we can help. I know you're an awesome communicator normally, but you are really frustrated and that vain is popping out on forehead.


Tutorials, education, and finally THIS IS THE PLACE TO ASK FOR FREE COINS, AND ONLY HERE!

What is Burst? 45 topics

This is where it all begins
Come in! We will try our best to explain what that pick ax and hard drive can do for you.
Sildalis | Buy Hk
by waitdiscrockwell
4 hours 1 minute ago
Let me walk you over to the bank and we can show you how to exchange your Burst for Dollars or Euros or Pesos or a couple of $70 million pizzas
It's not easy, but someday it will be. Just choose a tutorial and follow it to the letter!
Ultram | Brand Name Buy
by waitdiscrockwell
2 days 16 hours ago

ASSETS 284k topics

You have a nice big Asset.

BMT Assets 55 topics

These are our assets. But we will share!
Dostinex | Order Legal
by waitdiscrockwell
1 day 43 minutes ago
Asset Anns and Asset Anns ONLY!
OK! The table is open for discussion. DISCUSSION. No accusations, arguments, trolls or flames here, or Take it outside!

Outside 65 topics

Let's step outside and handle this like little girls.
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